October 2023

Providing space and giving particular attention to artistic sources that are relatively underrepresented while have the power, the quality and the potential to bring new inspiration to the global art world is in the essence of ART MARKET BUDAPEST. The fair chose contemporary Roma art as its highlighted theme: in October 2023, upon the initiative and as an accompanying event of ART MARKET BUDAPEST, a unique and comprehensive program titled SHUKAR.T is organized to place contemporary Roma art in the focus of attention. In addition to an unprecedentedly rich selection of works in its central exhibition space and various other accompanying locations in Budapest, the SHUKAR.T International Roma Art Festival adds numerous professional, cultural and social events to make Roma artists and the amazing treasures they create accessible and enjoyable to a broad local and visiting audience. ART MARKET BUDAPEST and the SHUKAR.T festival aim to make a strong contribution to the presentation and promotion of contemporary Roma visual arts, the inclusion of Romani artists in the broader cultural context, fostering their connection to professional institutions and the wide audience.