I warmly welcome you in the magical world of contemporary art here at Art Market Budapest. Thank you for contributing to the success of our fair with your kind attention. Being a collector regularly attending art fairs myself, I know how important it is what kind of experiences, memories and relationships one gains during the hours or days spent away from home. Therefore, when my team shapes the VIP programs at Art Market Budapest, we aim to present to you the most comfortable and inspiring circumstances while scouting, exploring, selecting and purchasing the artworks of your choice, and meeting with like-minded strangers or longtime acquaintances.

Our special art programs, a wide range of professional and social events are designed to offer you memorable experiences to which the unique infrastructure of Budapest and my colleagues’ equally unique hospitality provide the backdrop. I would like to personally thank you once again for your interest and for your visit at Art Market Budapest. I wish you pleasant purchases, meaningful entertainment and a blissfully relaxing experience.

Founding Director of Art Market Budapest